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<a href=””><img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-11″ src=”wp-content/uploads/sites/242/2020/02/david-mittleman2.jpg” alt=”David Mittleman, Grewal Law” width=”217″ height=”300″ /></a>IB member, David Mittleman says early on he was advised by people involved in the Penn State sex abuse scandal about nice guy pedophiles.

What is that?

“In the movies the rapist or bad guy is often portrayed in a dark shadowy alley with a mask causing problems. In reality, the most prolific pedophile predators are Uncle Larry and Uncle Jerry,” says Mittleman of Grewal Law in Okemos, Michigan.

He should know.

Mittleman is representing hundreds of young women who were abused by Larry Nassar, 54, a former Michigan State University physician and USA Gymnastics national team doctor accused of sexually abusing hundreds of young girls and women under his care dating back to 1992.

Some were as young as 11 and 12 and sensed something was wrong with the way they were being examined by “Larry,” as he liked to be called.

Nassar is currently serving a federal prison sentence of 60-years for ten state sexual assault charges and three child pornography convictions. Additionally he is serving 40 to 175 years on state charges for sexual assault on minors.

Hundreds of women are suing Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics in federal court claiming they university did not do enough to protect them. None of the cases went to trial but mediation resulted in a $550 million settlement, the largest in history by a university to settle a sexual abuse case.

Mittleman characterizes this as unlike a typical personal injury case where a corporation or individual is negligent. With Michigan State “what we have is a betrayal of trust. Just like with priests in the church and its cover-up. Women are re-victimized by making that bad choice. “

For example, Mittleman points to the move by Michigan State, to spend $500,000 on a crisis management public relations firm to monitor his client’s social media and report back to the school on its increasingly tarnished image via tweets and re-tweets and Facebook posts and done by the young women athletes, by the public, and even by celebrities.

That contributed to the PTSD suffered by many of the women which Mittleman says can also be mental and emotional as well as physical.  MSU also spent in excess of $10 million billed by six different law firms to protect itself.

Ultimately, lawyers for the 333 young athletes victimized by Nassar, secured a $500 million global resolution fund to be distributed depending on a number of factors including the degree of damage they suffered.

“Some people are more equipped to handle this type of assault than others, “says Mittleman. “Someone assaulted multiple time may not have had outward damage as someone violated once.”

This is likely not to be the last mass case of victimization of those most vulnerable. In the interim, Mittleman and his firm have become involved in the issue of human trafficking in this country, a little known, secretive and lucrative trade in human flesh that often targets the young and the vulnerable.

“I’ve attended my first Michigan human trafficking task force committee meeting, and last fall I learned a lot about human trafficking and how the trucking and hospitality industry all involved as well as how Craig’s List back page, Google, and Facebook failed to implement algorithms to pick up key words like “Daddy’s Girl” and “Sugar Daddy.”

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